Membership Information & Firearm Rentals

Membership Information & Firearm Rentals


Monthly Membership: $25 member fee/ $10 lane fee on subsequent visits. Non-recurring


Six Month– $150 member fee. Unlimited access to the range in one hour increments. Non-recurring


Annual– $285 member fee (10% off for Millitary & Law Enforcement. Unlimited access to the range

in one hour increments. Add spouse and children 18-21 for $75 each. Add children over 21 for $150.

Guests are $10 per guest, per visit.


Membership Application


Firearm Rentals:


We have a wide selection of firearms for rent. These include firearms for all purposes, whether its for personal carry, home defense, or range practice. Our firearm rental fee is $10 plus ammunition, and the firearms are free to exchange if you would like to try others. The only exception to this are the suppressed firearms, those have a rental fee of $25, but like the others, are free to exchange. When renting out firearms, you do have to use our ammunition through them. The link below has the list of our firearms for rent.

Rental Firearms