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Opening in the fall of 1984, we are the oldest, continually operating indoor shooting range in Northern Virginia. We have a full service gun shop staffed with experienced and knowledgeable employees. In addition to the gun shop, we have a 25 yard range with 2- 8 lanes bays, all of which are rifle rated. Our range can also handle a wide variety of shotgun shells, ranging from birdshot to slugs. We allow the use of NFA firearms, rapid fire shooting, and drawing from strong-side hip style holster. Our range has 100% fresh, non-recirculated air ventilation system.

Range info


Monthly Membership– $30 member fee/ $15 lane fee on subsequent visits. Non-recurring.

Six Month– $165 member fee. Unlimited access to the range in one hour increments. Non-recurring.

Annual– $300 member fee (10% off for Millitary & Law Enforcement). Unlimited access to the range

in one hour increments. Non-recurring. Add spouse and children 18-21 for $75 each.

Guests are $10 per person, per visit.

Non-Member– $20/hour

General Rules:

1. All commands and directives given by the Range Master will be obeyed immediately.

2. Treat all firearms, at all times, as if they are loaded.

3. Any shooter or prospective shooter suspected of recently using drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to shoot.

4. Except when on the firing line, in a box, case or holster, all firearms will be unloaded and the action will be open.

5. Except on the firing line, a holstered firearm will be unloaded with the hammer down and the magazine out, if appropriate.

6. Firearms will be loaded and unloaded only on the firing line.

7. When on the firing line, firearms will be pointed down range except when holstered.

8. Dry firing, practice loading, and practice drawings will be done only on the firing line.

9. When giving to, or accepting from another person any firearm, it will be unloaded with the action open.

10. Anyone who observes an unsafe act will call a cease fire.

11. When the command “Cease Fire” is given, all shooters will immediately stop firing, unload, open actions, lay firearms on the benches, muzzle pointed down range and step back from the firing line.

12. A shooter who experiences a malfunction, jam or stoppage with his firearm, will not remove that weapon from the firing line; he will lay it on the bench, with the muzzle pointed down range and bring the Range Master to the gun for assistance.

13. No one will go forward of the firing line, for any reason, without permission of the Range Master.

14. No more than one shooter at a firing position without permission of the Range Master.

15. Conduct by any shooter deemed inappropriate, unsafe, reckless or negligent by the Range Master will be considered grounds for removal from the range.

16. Eye and ear protection will be worn on the range.

17. Discharge of firearms may produce lead dust. Excessive inhalation or ingestion of lead may be adverse to health. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted on the range.

18. Good hygiene should be practiced. Wash your hands and face after firing.

19. Pregnant women are advised to confer with their physician prior to use of the range, especially where they participate frequently in shooting activities.

20. Children under 18 are not permitted, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times while on the range. Children under 10 are not permitted on the range. Children under 18 must be supervised at all times anywhere in the store.

21. A shooter may police and keep their brass. All other brass belongs to the range.


23. Membership sales are final with no refunds. Nor will memberships be pro-rated or partial refunds issued. Memberships cannot be transferred to other individuals.

24. With the annual membership, guest passes may be used for friends & family. This is not designed for students. Instructors bringing students will either pay $25 for the student or the student will have to sign up for their own membership.

Rifle rules:

1. You must present the range officer with your Rifle Pass if you intend to shoot rifles.

2. Targets for center-fire rifle cartridges must be placed no closer than the 15 yard line.

3. Targets must be placed so the rounds fired will strike the center of the backstop. Remember shooters of differing heights may not be able to shoot the same target without adjusting its position.

4. There is no restriction to how fast you may shoot, but all rounds fired must strike the target and backstop. Hitting the floor, overhead baffles or target carriers can result in a permanent ban from the use of rifles, or the range.

5. Rifles will be bagged and un-bagged in the booth, no handling of rifles behind the red line.

6. Shooting from the hip or any other form of unsighted shooting is not allowed.

7. Stand fully forward in the booth so that the muzzle is in front of the booth.

Ammunition Rules

1. All rifle ammunition must be inspected by the Range Master before use. You may bring your own ammo but absolutely no steel core or steel jacketed ammo may be used on the range. The use of steel core or steel jacketed ammunition will be grounds for permanent banning from the range.

2. Anyone caught using armor-piercing, incendiary or tracer type ammunition will be permanently banned from the facility.

3. Any shooter found using ammunition that has not been inspected by the Range Master may be permanently or temporarily banned from using rifle calibers at Sharpshooters. This is at management discretion.

4. 30-06 will be considered the maximum rifle cartridge allowed. Any ammunition between 6MM and 30-06 may not exceed 3000fps in velocity. .17, .22 and 5.56MM rounds will not exceed 3,300fps. This means no 22-250, 220 Swift and other similar hyper velocity 22 caliber cartridges.

5. Large Caliber Rifle Ammo. Any rifle cartridge with a caliber greater than .30 may not exceed 2,500fps.

6. No belted magnum rounds of any type are allowed.

7. Black Powder. Absolutely no black powder guns or ammunition may be used. The use of black powder or black powder substitutes will result in permanent banning from the range.

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