Safety & Concealed Carry Training

Sharpshooters Indoor Range & Pro Shop Training Services

*Prices are for training services only, does not include membership, equipment rentals, ammunition and other necessary items.

*Age Restriction: Must Be At Least 18 years old. Minimum age is 10, under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal court appointed guardian.




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This is a privatized session for you and or your party. In this 1-on-1 one hour session you will learn how to handle a firearm and use a public range safely, so that you may continue enjoying both on your own. You can chose to learn to use either a handgun, rifle or shotgun. If you are not sure…do not worry our experienced instructors will guide you.


VA CONCEALED CARRY COURSE ~ $50 per/participant

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Virginia requires applicants to prove competency in order to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit. We go a step further in our 3 hour educational course that discusses in great detail the laws regarding self-defense, deadly force, prohibited areas, and more! This is a certified course, that more than satisfies Virginia’s competency requirements and provides a 30 day membership to Sharpshooters Indoor Range and Pro-Shop to all of it’s participants. This is a classroom only course which is located at 8198 Terminal Rd, Lorton VA 22192, not at the range location.




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One~on~one privatized one hour training session. If you have taken the Intro to Firearm Safety Class, or you have had other recent firearms instruction and would like a private session to build upon a more solid understanding of the fundamentals or further assistance in safe handling; take our Skill Improvement and Development Coaching session.

Firearm Selection Assistance ~ $45 per/participant

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One 2 hour coaching/assistance session. If you have taken a few classes or coaching sessions and you are ready to make a purchase for home defensive, personal carry, or recreation; why not have one of our instructors help you find one that best suits your needs. Take advantage of our rental wall! $10 allows you to swap the gun as much as you need to, which is key to making a tested and well informed decision.

Care & Maintenance ~ $50 per/participant

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Learn how properly clean and care for your carry gun. Join us as we show you step by step how to field strip, clean, inspect and reassemble your chosen defensive handgun. For the duration of the class, cleaning kits are provided for use in class. Cleaning kits are available for purchase in our Pro Shop. 8194M Terminal Road Lorton VA 22079. Please make your purchase before class start time. Classroom is located at: 8198 Terminal Rd Lorton VA 22079.

Firearm Familiarization Course ~ $75 per/participant

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3 hours classroom instruction on a variety of firearm familiarization including handgun, rifle and shotgun. Learn the fundamentals of shooting each and a 1 hour range session testing each firearm and applying the practices learned in the classroom.

Defensive Carry I ~ $75 per/participant

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3 hour course on the art of concealment and the draw, speed reloading, identifying and clearing malfunctions. 1 hour range course of fire designed to combine the fundamentals learned in the classroom.

Defensive Carry II~ $75 per/participant

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2 hour course on defensive movement, shooting from unorthodox positions, engaging multiple targets and low light situations. 2 hour range course of fire designed to combine the fundamentals learned in the classroom instruction.