Sharpshooters Indoor Range & Pro Shop Training Services

*Prices are for training services only, does not include membership, equipment rentals, ammunition and other necessary items.

*Age Restriction: Must Be At Least 18 years old. Minimum age is 10, under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal court appointed guardian.


$50 per ~ This is a privatized session for you and or your party. In this 1-on-1 one hour session you will learn how to handle a firearm and use a public range safely, so that you may continue enjoying both on your own. You can chose to learn to use either a handgun, rifle or shotgun. If you are not sure…do not worry our experienced instructors will guide you.

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$50 per/person ~ Virginia requires applicants to prove competency in order to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit. We go a step further in our 3 hour educational course that discusses in great detail the laws regarding self-defense, deadly force, prohibited areas, and more! This is a certified course, that more than satisfies Virginia’s competency requirements and provides a 30 day membership to Sharpshooters Indoor Range and Pro-Shop to all of it’s participants. This is a classroom only course which is located at 8198 Terminal Rd, Lorton VA 22192, not at the range location.

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$35 one~on~one privatized training session. If you have taken the Intro to Firearm Safety Class, or you have had other recent firearms instruction and would like a private session to build upon a more solid foundation. Desire assistance in learning to safely draw from a concealed carry position? Did you struggle on your last qualification a need someone to diagnose some shortcomings and help aid improvement? Talk to an instructor at Sharpshooters today about getting to that next evolution.

If you have already had one~on~one session with an instructor, click here, sign in & book your session!

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